About Us

Cambodia Hosting have been created in 2009, one of cambodia's IT solution, high quality and low cost web service provide, having specialist Developer and Graphic Design teams, all with professional expertise in database programs and scripting, web site design and layout.

Web service such as website design, web hosting, domain register, web and windows based software development (Product Database, Management Information System ( MIS ), Content Management System ( CMS ) ......etc).

We have expanded our services for selling in cambodia and all over the world, our ultimate goal is to increase sales on our web services and have been created to assist all aspects of our customers' needs.

For cambodia website design, web hosting and web maintenance service

Our approach to website design is to create a vibrant web experience for our customers, In most cases we provide our services on yearly low cost and high security web hosting server, which allows our clients to effectively budget their expenses.

Our Hosting Plans

Many hosting companies nowadays offer one cheap hosting plan that supposedly fits all of the consumer's requirements. Most of these clients/consumers do not know what their current and future needs are, thus when making a decision, the result is a solution that will not allow their company to grow, or provide the company with the necessary set of services needed to perform. We want to ensure that you select the plan that will provide you with the most valuable price/service combination while excluding the time and hassle of trying different options.